Stop Stressing About Boiler Maintenance

Count on our crew in Linden, NJ to do the job for you

No one wants to shiver in their home all winter long. Instead of spending the cold months bundled in heavy jackets and blankets, make sure your heating system is ready to perform. All you need to do is hire the pros at Bob Major Heating & Cooling to provide boiler maintenance services in Linden, NJ. With our help, you can trust that your boiler will work effectively and efficiently when you need it most.

Want to prevent boiler problems? Make an appointment with us today to take advantage of our boiler maintenance services.

5 signs that your boiler should be repaired

Catching boiler problems early can prevent the need for expensive replacements. If you suspect that you might need a boiler repair, check for:

1.Temperature fluctuations throughout your home
2.A pilot light that's out or burning yellow
3.Foul odors coming from your boiler
4.Spikes in your monthly utility bills
5.Leaks in your boiler

If you've noticed any of these red flags, call 732-887-4540 ASAP to schedule boiler repair services.